Hints on how to produce a good PhD Dissertation

Your dissertation is the greatest academic project you have ever had to do to date. Such a big part of your education needs to be written well. This paper will be available for anyone who wants to read it in your field. Also, you will have to present and defend it to your dissertation committee.

Pick a Good Thesis

The thesis is the heart and soul of you dissertation, so you want to be sure that you pick a good one. Take time to think about it. You want a thesis that has plenty of research behind it so that research is available. You also want something with a little bit of controversy tied to it so that you can make a very clear stance and explain yourself against people who disagree. Most importantly, though, you want to pick a thesis that you will have fun writing about. Writing this dissertation will take a significant amount of time, so you are going to want to choose something enjoyable for you to be researching and writing on.

Show it the Respect it Deserves

Such a serious paper requires that you treat it seriously. You will be defending this paper to the dissertation committee, and you don't want to embarrass yourself or waste their time by presenting them with something less than adequate. This means use proper English and pay attention to detail.

You should also make sure to write your dissertation in a very professional tone. Your dissertation is your first serious piece of work in the professional community, and you need to take a different tone than when you write an informal paper for your teachers. You want to be taken seriously, so you need to write your dissertation seriously.

Research Thoroughly

One of the most important part of your dissertation will be the research you have backing it up. You can't only have a thesis. You need to back it up sufficiently. Every claim you make, you should have some sort of evidence to back it up. If you do not have the evidence to back up your stances, the dissertation committee will be the first to question what other people have asked on the topic. If you don't have the answer, it will not look good for you. Be sure that when you say something in your paper, you are able to offer evidence.

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