Looking for Turabian format example paper

It can be very interesting to discover how things begin. In the late 19th century Laura Larimore was born in Chicago where she graduated from high school. She was too ill to go to college so she took a job as a typist. From there she became a secretary at the University of Chicago where she worked for almost 30 years.

She was an excellent typist and eventually got a new job as the university's dissertation secretary. This meant that every PhD thesis was sent to her before it was passed to the various examiners at the university. Laura married and became Kate Turabian. She was very observant and noticed that not all the essays written by the students were the same as far as format and style were concerned.

The pamphlet that took off

So Laura wrote a small pamphlet suggesting ways in which students could adopt the correct style of writing. From little acorns big oak trees grow. This small pamphlet was developed and renamed A Manual for Writers. Well, has that small publication become popular. Today there have been almost 10 editions of this work and millions of copies have been sold.

Lots of examples online

So when we talk about the Turabian format, that is the origin of the name. Fortunately there are many samples of the Turabian format available especially online. You can find articles describing the various parts of a Turabian format as well as actual papers or essays which clearly use this format. Using a search engine to locate examples is easy.

The components are typical of the good layout you will find in many publications and particularly for students. The original aim was to use the format for material created by students in higher education places but many essays and dissertation papers can also be presented in the Turabian format. Today the Turabian format is particularly important and relevant when it comes to citing or referencing books as in quotes from a book.

Of course you want to get the margins right, the appropriate type and size of the font, indenting the first paragraph of each chapter, writing on one side of the paper only and other physical characteristics. But you must also get the ways and means of citing references correct.

Know the difference between in-text citing and listing details in the bibliography. Again all the details and procedures are clearly explained in the actual guide itself or in hundreds of articles which describe them. Copy and learn.

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