Be sure not to copy from PhD Thesis Samples

A PhD thesis is an important document in a student’s academic career. Students who wish to complete their post-graduation must submit a thesis and get it approved by the university dissertation committee in order to get their advance level degree. In order for the PhD thesis to be approved it must:

  • Be Original
  • Have a great introduction
  • Have a unique topic
  • Have a strong literature review
  • Meet the specific format and requirements set by the university
  • Have a good conclusion

Why students use samples

Students are doing this for the first time so it is very challenging for them to write a thesis all by themselves. They seek guidance and assistance to complete their thesis, asking "who can write my paper?". Some students tend to buy the thesis from online writing agencies while others download samples and follow them. Samples are easy to follow and explain the complete structure of a thesis. They are written by professionals so students can have an idea what their thesis should look like. It is very important to follow the structure and format in a PhD thesis. Students can know the length of various portions and the can also has an idea about what to include in what chapter.

A sample also helps the students in knowing the order of the chapters in a thesis.

Why should you not copy the samples?

It is understandable for students to use samples for guidelines and understanding how to write their own thesis. However a student should never copy the sample. The samples you download from the internet have been there for long and have been used over a thousand times by various students. They are someone else’s research work and will never be plagiarism free. If you use these samples and submit a thesis that is not original it will instantly be rejected by the committee members. Moreover plagiarism is a cheating and universities have strict standards against such acts.

Another point to consider is that plagiarism is against the ethics and is equivalent to stealing. You should not steal or copy someone’s ideas, thoughts or work and publish it under your name.

The samples you get online are not even of very high quality and they may lack details and professionalism that you are looking for.

The samples available online are merely for guidance and they should never be copied as it is.

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