Why Phd Thesis Writing Takes So Much Time

Basic introduction

A PhD thesis is one of the projects that take a lot of time because of the logistics that come with it. It requires a lot of details that a scholar needs to find before compiling it. It is written when one completes a certain research in their specific area of study and further compiles the research findings to eventually come up with a publication on the same.

Sources for a PhD thesis

Ideas for PhD theses are sourced from two major sources; primary and secondary sources of information. Primary sources of information are basically gotten from the field where the researcher goes to seek for information, get the facts clear and putting them in written whereas secondary sources are those things that have already prepared the information and the researcher just has to look up information in them. Secondary sources include books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and journals among others. The internet can also be classified as a secondary source because information in there has already been documented.

What PhD thesis entails

Like many other academic writing forms, a PhD thesis has a specific way that it is written. It therefore comprises of the following parts:

  • A suitable title
  • An abstract
  • A table of contents
  • The acknowledgement
  • Introduction
  • Aims and objectives
  • Hypothesis
  • Literature review

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