Doctoral Thesis Writing Prompts: Focusing on Results

Writing a doctoral thesis is most likely one of the most important moments in your career. If you have gotten to the doctoral level, you are most likely interested in teaching and/or researching your subject of choice from now on as well and your doctoral thesis will be the entry ticket into the “real world” of the professional scholars.

Together with such a big moment there comes a lot of pressure as well and the entire doctoral thesis writing process can feel like a true burden that is pressing you more and more as each month goes by. In fact, this is one of the main reasons many doctorate candidates do not get down to actually working on their thesis and why they try to postpone it as much as possible: the fact that they feel pressured makes them feel less capable of doing.

Results – This is What You Need to Focus On

In order to get over this “writer’s block” (or, rather said, “researcher’s block”), you will have to think of the results. Focus on the moment in which you will become a doctor in your field and on how great all the years of hard work will feel then. Focus on how much you actually want to run this research and on how much you want to enrich the field of your study with your paper. Focus on the great feeling of seeing how somebody out there reads your paper and starts a discussion on it. Focus on all the great benefits of being a true scholar and you will eventually manage to get over this block and get down to writing.

“Focusing on results” can have another meaning as well. If you have a thesis statement you truly want to prove, you will have to focus a lot on how to get there. In one way or another, your thesis statement is the result of your research (or so you will have to prove) and bringing arguments to sustain it will be absolutely crucial. Make sure you have a positive attitude related to the entire doctoral thesis writing process. In the end, you are doing this because you actually love your field of activity and because you want to enrich it with your work. You are doing this because you love researching, reading and writing about the things you love. Do not let pressure ruin this pleasure!

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