Dissertation Literature and Data Sources – where to get Those? 

Dissertation writing is a tiresome activity. It is a process of writing which requires a lot of information and effort. The information which you use while writing a thesis or dissertation must be authentic and valid. The authenticity of information provided in a dissertation can only be maintained by reviewing the literature and by mentioning the sources from where you get the data.

Data source and literature review in any dissertation is a tricky task and you have to do a lot of brain storming. Students get worried about from where to get the data and literature and how to get it? They no longer need to get worried.

This article will provide you with a list of sources from where you can collect your literature and data for your dissertation. Following is the list of effective sources:

  • Books/ eBooks:
  • Books are considered as the most reliable source of data and literature for dissertations and thesis. You can find books related to your dissertation from libraries. You can find them in your college library, university library or city library. If any book is not manually available you can look for that on websites which provide you the e books related to various topics.

  • Journal Articles:
  • The articles published in well known journals are another reliable source of finding data and literature for dissertations. You can find the relevant articles in the journals of your subject. You can avail these journal articles from your libraries. There is also a very quick serving website which provides you with reliable journal published original articles known as Jstor. Jstor is a reliable source for taking published journal articles on various topics.

  • Web Search:
  • You can also gather the bulk of information, data and literature from searching it out from different websites. A good web search requires few techniques with which you must be familiar in order to carry good web search. You must enter your research topic in quotation marks.

  • Look For A Guideline:
  • You can also take a guideline from the catalogues, help or guide for search engines and data bases etc. to enhance your ways of effective search.

  • Facts and Statistics:
  • If your dissertation topic is more statistical and it requires facts and figures then you can add statistical facts about your data by gathering then from various sources like libraries, companies annual booklets, financial data of companies etc.

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