The Importance Of A Dissertation Supervisor

The dissertation supervisor is more than an examiner and is quite important in mentoring a master/doctorate candidate. Perhaps, to understand the influence they have on the students there must be a clear definition of their functions. So, how does their functions interrelate with the student mentoring to be a reputable academic in their own right?

The relationship is partially symbiotic and wholly professional. The major function of the dissertation supervisor is the mentoring itself.

The importance of a dissertation supervisor

  • The very essence of storing the student's record and reviews of past and ongoing students' research allows for the opportunity to impact on the final record. The record is how the mentoring has positively influenced the student in the final result.
  • In the course of study and especially during writing the dissertation papers there develop a cordial relationship between the student and supervisor. The strength of this particular relationship does have an impact on the final result. Was the relationship cordial enough or otherwise?
  • Each supervisor has a different style or method of working. The student chooses the supervisor for various reasons. The style a student adopts is nonetheless influenced by the dissertation supervisor.
  • The dissertation supervisor grades the dissertation papers according to experience and how they are presented to him. Understanding a dissertation track record before allowing them to supervise your work is very important.
  • A supervisor, one chooses should be from the field, they are studying. Oftentimes, there is a tendency to want to work with a reputable supervisor who may not be in your own field. Be advised it's easier working with a supervisor who understand your field best even if he is not glorified.
  • The problem with working with an inexperienced supervisor is obvious; the end results may not be appealing. The factor of choosing your supervisor allows for thorough research before settling on one.
  • Although, the bulk of conducting research and compiling while writing your dissertation papers lies solely with you; a supervisor may add on to your liabilities. His speed on feedback may adversely affect your overall performance thus hindering you from completion on time.
  • The supervisor should be accommodating, the relationship, both the student have with their supervisor is critical. There should be clear guidelines between the two on how to work harmoniously. The choice again again is influenced by the supervisor’s track record.

Since, students are given the opportunity to choose their dissertation supervisor its always advisable to at least take enough time. The guidelines above will help in making the right choice for a dissertation supervisor. The point to note is that the dissertation supervisor is as important as the paper you are writing.

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