The Way to a Successful PhD Dissertation Defense

A Dissertation Defense, is the single most important part to developing your dissertation. Because if it is not good, and strong, then it does not matter how valid the dissertation is, it will not be accepted. Why would a school want to spend time, and work with someone that cannot write a good dissertation? And by good, this means well researched, written, and with efficient information, to make it as valid as it should be. So the presentation, and the research to develop that presentation, has to be just as good, as the dissertation itself has to be.

  1. Explanation; Validate the Dissertation
  2. What made the Student want to Study
  3. Predict What will be Asked, and Prepare Answers
  4. Well Written Proposal

Explanation; Validate the Dissertation

Why is the dissertation a valid research? What makes it important? These will have to be answered fully for the Committee. This cannot be skimmed over, but explained in full detail of why to both questions. Do not make a long wordy explanation, but as quick as can be, while covering thoroughly these points. The School’s Dissertation Committee will want to know why the student thinks working on this is important. This is important because, student expects to find out? And it is valid because the information benefits who else?

What made the Student want to Study?

What is it about this subject that made the student want to study it? What drew them to it? If the Committee feels this is a whim idea, they will not approve it. It has to be something that the student feels strongly about. And if the student feels strongly about it, there is a reason they do. The Committee wants to know what. A whim project, will not hold the student’s interest, and they will lose drive to complete it. Yes, Students to change their dissertation ideas, but there is always a reason, and less likely to happen when a student feels strongly about the subject.

Predict what will be asked, and Prepare Answers

Predict what questions the Committee will ask. Go to a few Dissertation defenses, and see what goes on. This will help the student to prepare for the questions, and predict what they will ask.

Well Written Proposal

Submit a well written proposal, so that the Committee will know the student can write a good dissertation. A well written proposal, will also answer a lot of their questions as well. Make it informative, thorough, and cover your thoughts completely. The proposal should explain why the dissertation is valid, and what the student plans to cover, and find out. It should have some of the research the student has already done, to show what is and is not known.

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