20 Legal Dissertation Topics That Will Impress Your Professor

If you are tasked with writing a legal dissertation, there are many topics from which to choose. If you are having difficulty picking a topic and you want to really impress your professor, review the list of twenty topics below and see if anything piques your interest:

  1. write about the investigation and evidence processes involved in the criminal justice system
  2. Explain the fundamental purpose behind commercial laws and how they meet the needs of the current community of commercial transactions
  3. review the legal restraints and governance constraints placed on executive directors
  4. analyze whether psychiatric injury is truly a possible claim or an impossible claim within tort law
  5. review discrimination policies in a particular country
  6. analyze the freedoms that are currently provided under European Union law and whether they have an impact on the economy for the United Kingdom
  7. Explain whether or not trade unions have a role to play with in employment laws for a particular country
  8. Analyze the issues of causation as it relates to duty of care
  9. analyze intellectual-property rights and the impact that they have on an economy of your choice
  10. Review occupiers liability and at what point a trespasser is no longer considered a trespasser
  11. Review the protection that minority shareholders have within company law
  12. Analyze the arbitration system used in international commercial transactions
  13. analyze whether or not copyright law in your country provides an adequate balance between users rights and holders rights
  14. Review shareholders versus stakeholders and the roles each play in terms of corporate governance
  15. Explain the impact that the war on terror has currently had on international criminal laws
  16. review how European law has an effect on the intellectual property rights for places such as the United Kingdom
  17. Review the law of omissions liability critically
  18. Explain whether there are orders such as prohibited steps orders or contact orders that relate to the interest of the child and whether or not these are important in terms of things such as the child support act or financial orders for children
  19. Right about whether the concept of in the best interest for children has ever been tested and whether that concept is perhaps outdated today
  20. explain the legal foundations for parenting, civil partnerships, marriages, and the social foundations

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