Choosing A Topic For College Dissertations And Research Papers

There any number of articles, blogs and even videos on giving advice to students about writing college dissertations and research papers. There is definitely no shortage of advice. But this article focuses on one particular aspect of a dissertation and that is, the topic. In fact the choice of topic is so important this article deals with nothing else. But why is the choice of topic so important?

  • It can determine your inner enthusiasm for the task.
  • It can determine how long you take to complete your task.
  • It can determine the ease with which you write your dissertation or research paper.
  • It can determine the score you receive for your writing.

Now if even one of the above four points is true then surely it is important you take great care in choosing a topic for your work. Let's take the first one regarding enthusiasm. A research paper or dissertation is not a five-minute task. It will take you a considerable amount of time. And if you are enthusiastic about the project it will make the completion of the task shorter and easier. How can you be enthusiastic about a topic? It will be easy if you have a lot of knowledge about the topic already, if you are really keen to study that particular topic or better still, if you have a passion for that particular topic.

If you have the right topic to tackle, it will make the time you take to complete the project shorter or less onerous or both. Think about the opposite situation. You've chosen the wrong topic. You are unhappy. You are frustrated. This is going to be a solid grind. Avoid that situation by choosing the right topic in the first place.

If you choose a topic which is conducive to writing a dissertation or research paper, your task will be much easier. The opposite is true. If you choose a topic which is so broad and covers so many elements and factors you will find yourself struggling to cover all the points in the amount of words you have been allocated. Make your life easier. Choose the topic wisely.

And of course if you have the right topic it will mean that your attitude to the writing of the dissertation or research paper will be so much more positive. A positive attitude is far more likely to help you write a paper which gets the highest possible score.

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