The General MBA Dissertation Writing Rules You Should Know

Many students find writing an MBA dissertation a daunting and near impossible task, but this is only because they are often unaware of specific writing rules that make crafting a well-polished dissertation manageable. Each institution and department may have specific rules to follow, but generally the follow are the rules should know forwards and backwards to improve your chances of putting together a great general MBA dissertation:

Purpose and Significance of Your Dissertation

To start your dissertation you should clearly state what the purpose of your study has been, as well as describe what the significance of it is for the field. Consider how the study contributes to the general body of knowledge within the field and how researchers and professionals will benefit by your work.

Brief Review of Literature Consulted

Be sure you write a section that explains your analysis of the previous work on the topic you have chosen. Don’t simply string together what others have found, but instead analyze the work with the intent of determining what has been accomplished, what is known, and what is not known. By writing a dissertation you are essentially being trusted as an expert, so be sure to know your topic’s history.

Methodology Used in Your Dissertation

This section should describe and justify the information gathering method you have employed. For an MBA dissertation this likely means explaining why you have used articles, reports, fact sheets, and analytical studies. You will begin by describing the method or methods you used and why it was the most appropriate in this particular study.

Analysis of Your Study

This section is sometimes also referred to as the data analysis section. In this part of your dissertation you shouldn’t spend time talking about other research literature or the implications your study may have in the field. You should outline any descriptive, confirmatory or exploratory analyses that were conducted as well as address the results of each test.

General Discussion of Your Study

At this point you must reiterate what you have discovered and what they mean in relation to the body of knowledge within the field. Don’t skimp on this section, this is often considered the most important piece of your MBA dissertation because it answers the theoretical “so what?” question about your work. Use this section to synthesize your findings and drive home the point of how you have succeeded in your work.

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