Writing A Thesis Paper - Introduction And Conclusion Requirements

Writing the introduction of your thesis paper

An introduction is very important part of your thesis paper. It should be very well written and compelling to leave a strong first impression on the reader. If your introduction is not catchy and engaging then most probably your reader will drive away without paying attention to the rest of your thesis.

Different approaches to an introduction

There are two different approaches of writing an introduction and both are equally correct, you have to be a little careful and keep the following in mind when you choose a certain approach.

Writing the introduction at the beginning

Some writers tend to write the introduction first and then move to the rest of the thesis. There are two things you should remember if you choose this approach.

  • Firstly you should remember that the introduction you are writing now will need to be re-written after you have written the rest of the body of your thesis. This is because you never know where your thesis will head after you start writing the body. The interpretations and analysis of the data may require you to change your direction.
  • Secondly do not run after perfection. Most students tend to write a perfect start and waste a lot of time on the introduction. You should understand that the thesis writing process is quite time consuming and you cannot stick to one chapter for long and have to move forward gradually so that you have enough time for each chapter.

Writing the conclusion of your thesis paper

A very helpful advice that students need to learn is that a conclusion can be easily written by reversing your introduction. The things you stated in your introduction if written backwards can create a good conclusion. A good conclusion can be formed if you:

  • State the topic and how your problem is solved
  • Justify how your topic contributes to the society
  • Summarize whatever you have written in your thesis paper
  • Do not repeat anything
  • Be brief and precise in your words
  • State how your ideas and proofs support your argument
  • Leave the reader on a clear note. Do not end your thesis in a vague manner
  • Provide food for thought to the reader

A conclusion is the most important part of your thesis. This is where you show the purpose of your research and convince the committee members that you certainly deserve a PhD degree.

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