What a good PhD thesis must contain

A thesis is an acknowledgement of the new findings and research. A student is supposed to choose a certain subject and research as much on it as possible. The research has to be continued unless you find an area that has not yet been discussed and there is a room for work in that area. This aspect will be your thesis subject and you will extract a question or a problem from this area.

It is very important that you choose a topic that you are passionate about and enjoy reading or discussing. If you choose a topic that is too boring you will never be able to complete it. Your thesis needs to be

  • Innovative: not only for you but for others as well. It should be something that has not been thought of before.
  • Unique: it should not be something that has been already discussed
  • Formal: you must stay professional and avoid jargons and silly sentence structures
  • Concise: the thesis must not be repetitive and should be precise and must address a certain topic
  • Engaging: your topic and the rest of the thesis must be engaging. The committee members receive hundreds of thesis every year it is important for your copy to stand out and leave an impression.

  • A PhD Thesis Must Contain:

    A great and well-written thesis must be well organized and properly formatted. It must contain

  • Awareness
  • understanding
  • extensive research
  • appreciation of the concerned subject

  • If the student has a strong hold over the subject only then he will be able to write effectively about it. A student must know what they are writing about and who they are writing it for. It is very important to read as much about the subject as you can. The more you know the better you will be able to write. It is always advisable to have excess information on the subject.

    Critical analysis

    The thesis you are going to write should be objective and must have a critical analysis of the research work. The critical analysis will be of the previous work as well as of your own work.

    Importance of your contribution

    The thesis should show why your work is important and why did you feel a need of research on this topic. Make sure you justify your research work and tell why the research was needed and problem needed to be addressed.

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