Write a perfect dissertation and get a PhD degree

Assuming you have chosen a topic, gone through all of the pomp and circumstance of papers, signatures, and applications, and have actually completed your research, you are now ready to actually begin to write the document itself. As I am sure you understand, there is a very exact format you must use when writing your dissertation, this may vary from university to university, but here is the main idea. There are between 8 and 9 major parts of the work. I will go through each of them here accompanied with brief commentary on each section.

  1. Title page: This one is relatively self-explanatory, it should have the title of your research, your institution, the appropriate dates, your name, and be in APA format in most cases.
  2. Table of Contents: This page you will actually write absolutely last, it will outline the page numbers of all the sections of your dissertation.
  3. Formal Notices: There are a number of notices that may be necessary for your dissertation including any acknowledgments, a declaration of originality, clearances, and other things depending on what your topic is on.
  4. Abstract: A brief summary of your work outlining the main idea of your study. One of the last components to create.
  5. Introduction: The introductory section should go over your goals and express what it is that you did. It should include any hypothesizes, background information, problems with your experiment/research design or issues you came across, and a basic outline of your work.
  6. The “Body” of your work: The body section will include all of the different chapters that encompass your work, these depend greatly on what you are writing about, it could be any terms the reader may not be familiar with, your methodologies, conclusion, additional information, further research, past research, and almost anything else.
  7. Conclusion and Discussion: What are your results? This section should include what conclusions you came to and why. Very straight forward. It is the close of your dissertation.
  8. References: Again, self-explanatory, you will need to put all of your references into this section, probably in APA format.
  9. Appendices: You may or may not have appendices, if you do they belong in this section.

Completing your dissertation and defense is the defining moment of your educational career. It is important to persevere through it and make sure that your time management skills are up to par. This pinnacle moment is the final “weeding out” of those meant to have their PhD’s and those who are not. Go out there and be passionate about what you are doing, write it down, and get that degree.

Remember to avoid:

  • humor
  • overly simple words
  • puns

Work on your “voice” and diction when writing, and keep in one tense. It is a long work. Try to use the best grammar you can and save plenty of time for editing. You don’t want to rush through this at the last minute. It is an expensive process, plan accordingly. Love your work and who you are working with, it will make the whole process so much easier.

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