Guidelines For Writing A History Thesis

Students may have guidelines of their own to follow when completing thesis assignments based on subject matter and school requirements. There are other aspects to consider that may apply to most thesis projects for this subject matter. Remembering basic elements can make a difference in how you write about your topic and how your work gets completed.

  • Select a topic you can explain well. The subject of history provides a great amount of topics to choose from. You should consider writing about something of interest or something you feel you can present well with meaning. Think about your selection and how you will go about completing related tasks. Keep guidelines in mind to ensure you choose a good topic that is a match.
  • Know the basic structure your thesis should follow. Once again your guidelines will come into play here. You should read your guidelines before you start. When you are not sure about structure for your thesis review these elements with your instructor. You may be able to find samples online or through your school website as a visual aid.
  • Review technical writing elements such as verb usage, nouns, adjectives, punctuation, and quotations. These elements help readers understand your message while setting the tone for your overall concept. Sometimes certain words should not be used or they are used incorrectly. In some cases you may lose points when these elements are not corrected or revised.
  • Be clear on how to reference your content if you are required to include footnotes or a bibliography. You may need to follow a specific formatting style when it comes to your bibliography and references (if you are required to have them). You should review sources carefully and make a list of sources used to help you. Double check citations included and review aspects such as order of appearance and spelling.
  • Know what to look for when making revisions, editing, and proofreading your thesis. Many students find it easier to hire a professional to help them edit, format, and proofread their content. This is an option if you are limited in time or lack skills necessary to do it on your own. There are proofreading and editing handbooks available to help you find errors and how to correct them. You can edit and proofread your work in phases by breaking up the task into smaller parts over a matter of days.

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