How to Write Your Art Coursework?

Writing your coursework for art doesn't have to be boring or hard. Most artists prefer to do art rather than write about, but writing it is sometimes necessary to pass a course in the subject. This is done so that you can show your professor that you also understand the theory or art and not just the application of it. Here's a basic outline to writing your art coursework that can serve as a guide for your writing assignments.

Write notes on your experiences

As you experiment with different mediums of art you should take notes of how the medium worked for you. After you have noted the different forms of artwork and the different ways in which to make art, research each one to get the professional definition of each medium. This way you can apply what the experts say to what you know form your experience. This will allow you to write a well-rounded paper on the mediums used for art.

Do a paper of your inspirations

Take a piece of your original art that you are completely passionate about and write a paper about it. Talk about the themes, the colors used, and why you did this piece in the medium you chose. Then talk about the artists or pieces of art that inspired you. Give a history of the art or artist and list specific ways in which you were influenced.

Talk about your favorite period of art

If you have studied art history you may be able to list a specific period of art you are particularly passionate about. List all the reasons why you love this art, talk about certain artists that work in this style, then create a piece of art in that style and write about the process or processes you went through to get that piece of art completed. This will show that you can understand a style and period of art, but also that you can create work in that style. Never totally copy a piece of art when you can do your own artwork in homage to a particular style.

Writing your coursework for art doesn't have to be boring and you can still create beautiful art as you write your work. The best way to write about the work is to actually do the work, and if you follow that approach you will write compelling coursework for your art classes.

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