Should You Buy Custom Dissertations Online

Ideally you would want to prepare the dissertation yourself but if you have a very busy schedule, you may be tempted to buy a custom dissertation online and the reasons could be convincing. When you buy a custom dissertation online, you hand over the hard work to a credible writing service and the professionals will research and prepare the dissertation based on topic you are interested in. In addition, a custom dissertation will look just as good as if you prepared it yourself. However, there are equal reasons why it is not a good idea to buy custom dissertations online.

Cheapens Your Doctoral Degree

You may save time and money by ordering a custom dissertation but in the end it is not worth it because it cheapens your doctoral degree. The main reason why people with doctoral degrees treasure their diplomas because they worked very hard to receive it. Buying a custom dissertation takes away from the value of your time spent in the doctoral program.

Professionals May Not Be Credible

Another reason why you should not get a custom dissertation is because there are numerous dissertation writing services online that claim to offer high quality papers but you can never be sure of this. You may run across a writing service where the so-called professionals who supposedly hold masters or bachelors degrees may in fact be regular persons who download dissertations then make small changes and pass it off as original.

You Risk Trouble With Your Dissertation Advisor

Nowadays dissertation advisors have become savvy in detecting dissertation papers that were not originally written and they utilize plagiarism detection services and other kinds of software to determine if you downloaded another person's dissertation.

Those Custom Dissertations May Not Reflect Your Thoughts Exactly

While it is convenient to tell the professionals what you want included in the dissertation, you should keep in mind that they may not prepare it exactly how you want, particularly if you are writing on an obscure topic that a writing service may not have the best expertise on. In these cases it is better to write the dissertation yourself.

You Don't Learn In The Process

Finally, when you order a custom dissertation you miss out on learning everything about your dissertation topic. For example, if you want to present a dissertation on African immigrants in America who contribute to academia by teaching on various topics that relate to current events and social issues in Africa, you don't learn about these subjects by hiring another researcher to do the work. You learn by reading books and scholarly journals and meeting with African-born professors in your city.

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