Thinking about a PhD Thesis Structure

Research work or thesis writing is the research project that you have to do all through your academic career. It starts from graduation level and ends nowhere. The higher educational level you are entering in the more skillful thesis you are expected to submit. PhD is considered as the most prestigious and higher degree in education. It is totally a research degree. All through the course work you have to submit research thesis. PhD thesis required lot of skill and expertise. You cannot just compile a good PhD thesis without a proper master thesis help.

The most important thing in writing PhD thesis is planning your research proposal and the structure of your thesis. You must be fully familiar with the structure of your PhD thesis. Once you develop the overall structure of your PhD thesis then it will be very convenient for you to put up things in already defined structure.

The main things that you must keep in your mind while thinking about the structure of your PhD thesis are as follows:


You must be familiar with the purpose of your thesis.

Prior Knowledge:

You must have enough grips about the prior researches being conducted on the similar topic.


You must take care of the thing that your research work must add something new to the issue or problem. It should not be the repetition of any former research.


You must think about the aspect that how your research findings will be compared by prior research works done on the same issue.


You must think about the rational of your thesis work.


You must be very clear about the objectives of your research work.


You also have to keep in mind the future implications of the research that you are conducting in your PhD thesis.

You must write a rough draft of all these points. There should be an outline of the structure of PhD thesis with you. When you start the write up of your work you must keep that outline in front of you or at least in your mind so that you can wrote things according to an organized and structured way.

Make sure at the end that you did not miss any point that was being mentioned in your structure outline.

You must start writing your PhD thesis with introduction and conclude it with a meaningful conclusion.

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