What Sort Of Sources You Should Use When Writing A PhD Dissertation

What makes a good dissertation or thesis?

In process of writing a dissertation every task you came across is of a great value: planning, organizing, gathering information, writing, formatting and so on. You shall never let any details out of your sight, if you don’t want to fail. However, some aspects may seem a bit more important than others, because the will form the basement of your dissertation. To such things you can count finding and using good sources. The information you find will always lead the way you go. Always think twice when deciding to take or let out some source of information, if can influence the whole impression about the paper!

What’s important to know, when choosing sources?

Information background is easy to check when assessing the paper, so be careful when you decide to trust the book or, especially an online-article you plan to take your information from. Credibility and reliability of the source must be the first criteria of choice. You have to make sure that the information is true and can be absolutely trusted. Using untruthful information can lead your research to false findings and make is useless or even dangerous, if you write about something that influences health and life of the humankind or nature. To be sure, always check the credibility of the website, the author, the date of the article you find online and check the found information in one or several more sources.

Which sources am I allowed to use?

A lot of sources of information can be found nowadays in libraries and online. Here are the most frequently used ones:

  • Journals. Can be used for scholarly information, as a base for literature review and a general source of information.
  • Books or book chapters. Look for authors that have already explored your topic. If not the whole book, at least one or two chapters can contain what you need.
  • Theses or dissertations. Your topic may not be that unique, somebody has already gone this way. You can look either for information itself or for more used sources.
  • Government documents and publications. If your topic is of governmental importance, you will for sure find some information on the official websites. Here you don’t have to worry about credibility – the government itself says so!
  • Surveys and statistics. Will give you the necessary data for your research, if you have no time or possibility to conduct your own.

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