Five tips for writing an outstanding Dissertation

Here is a fact of life. Anyone can write a dissertation but it takes a well-organized person to write an outstanding dissertation. So there it is in a nutshell. If you are disorganized you will struggle. And apart from being tidy and well organized as far as your preparation and creation of your dissertation goes, here are some more practical steps to move your dissertation from good to great.

Read other works

As silly as this seems, if you study the work done by other students who have received an outstanding mark, you can allow some of their brilliance to rub off on you. What are the characteristics of this outstanding dissertation? What has the examiner said in the comments? By understanding why a dissertation is so good, you can help yourself to repeat the feat.

Write, write and write

People who are timid in their writing put themselves under stress. Put it this way, it is much easier to remove work you have written and fine tune your dissertation than it is to create new material. Don't be afraid of writing too much. If you have the ideas, let it out.

Use the tools available

If your college provides a downloadable document on the requirements of dissertation writing and even a template which is the approved way to present your work, why the heck haven't you taken advantage? The digital age is upon us. Use every available tool to make your ask easier.

You are in charge

There may have been a time in your previous educational experiences where you called upon a classmate, a sibling or parent to help you with your academic activities. The dissertation requires you to fly solo. Of course you will check the topic and your approach to the topic with your tutor beforehand, but after that you are on your own. Take charge. Create a plan and stick to it. Mind you there is nothing wrong with adjusting your plan as you go along the dissertation path. But remember, you are in charge.

Get to know the experts

The college library is an ideal starting place. There may be somebody on staff who is an expert in the subject of your dissertation. Or there may be somebody on staff who knows an expert on the subject of your dissertation. Get to know the experts. You are writing the dissertation and taking advice from someone who knows the topic inside out is not only correct, it makes a whole lot of sense.

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