Common Mistakes to avoid in the Dissertation Process

Studies at times are involving but not as much as a dissertation would. The dissertation process calls for extra effort as well as being keen. Usually doctorial candidates would make mistakes in the process. However, it has been shown that several people are likely to make a number of mistakes either out of ignorance or without the consent. The dissertation process is a special one since not all best intentions tend to come out successful. Always, those candidates who put more effort in understanding the whole process come off successfully that the lot that does not.

Outlined below are some of the common mistakes that many doctorial candidates make during the dissertation process:

  • Approval assumption
  • A number of candidates would tend to assume that their dissertation has been approved. This makes them to relax instead of working to improve it. Usually, never assume that the dissertation has been approved. You are required to get clear communication for approval and disapproval from all the committee members. These will help to avoid unnecessary revisions during the last minute.

  • Literature review
  • A number of students are always aware of the case that they wish to investigate. As such, instead of following the right procedure, these students tend leave out the methodology part to start with the literature review. Usually, the methodology section is meant to help you advance the literature review. Consequently, a right plan will always help you stick to the main topics.

  • Own survey creation
  • There are very reliable surveys for every methodology. Using the already established survey instrument gives you a very easy time as this helps you to maximise on the available time. As such you will not be required to pilot or even validate your instrument of choice.

  • Wrong choice of committee members
  • The people making up your committee during the dissertation process are very important. Choosing the committee members should involve some thorough research on their respective interests. As well, find out the type of dissertation that your prospective committee members have approved there before. Details about the committee members give you an upper hand on what will be expected of you.

  • Using somebody else’s study
  • Many students tend to recreate other people’s study. Remember that a dissertation is supposed to be original. As such you require a line which will help to support a rationale as to why the study is necessary during such a time.

From the foregoing, it is important to note that a good dissertation is one that follows the right outline, is original and above all, has qualified committee members.

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