How to create an amazing Doctoral Dissertation Introduction

When talking about the introduction to a doctoral dissertation, many people will refer to and understand it better when it is referred to as a thesis statement.

Many times, people will leave this part till the end to complete. If that makes it easier for you then good for you. However, because this is the first impression that the reader will have of your work, you should pay close attention to it and give it a considerable amount of both time and energy.

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression!

What it is

The main point of this part is to establish what your argument is going to be throughout the course of the paper. You will explain why the research matters and the methods that you intend to use in the research process. You will also need to address any foreseeable issues in your research as well as how you plan to overcome them.

Getting it Done

When you are writing this part of your dissertation there are just a few things that you may want to keep in mind.

  • Start off in a general way and use this to set the scene for what is to come.
  • Without using too much detail, talk about concepts that are relevant to the thesis as a whole.
  • Hold back all of the details. At the same time, you can give little hints or teasers as to what is to come and which part of the dissertation someone might find them.
  • Make sure also to imbue your introduction with why this topic is important...not just to you but to the field of study too.
  • Leave the reader wanting more.

That last bullet point is crucial in writing an amazing doctoral dissertation introduction. Your supervisor will read hundreds of dissertations throughout the course of his career. How interesting do you really think that is to him? How interested would you be in doing the same thing?

Make your introduction interesting enough and with enough teasers that the reader will want to continue reading in order to find out what happens. The more interesting you make it, the better it will be received.

If you take all of the information above and put it to use then you will find that creating an amazing doctoral dissertation introduction does not have to be difficult in the least.

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