Masters Dissertations: The Importance of Your Findings

When you are doing your dissertation for your Master’s degree there are some guidelines to follow. While you are going through and researching your paper, your findings will be directly linked to your thesis and will in essence prove it to be correct.

Let’s look at the guidelines for your research. We will assume that you already have your topic.

  • Keep in mind that most programs allow you to use secondary data collection.
  • Start your research at a library as opposed to online.
  • Make a note of any ideas that come from your research and catalog them for possible inclusion later.
  • While you are doing your research, you must mention the both the methods of your research as well as any limitations that affected it.

Now that you have all of that, it is extremely important that you put your research findings into a form that is both easily understood and easily read while supporting your main thesis statement.

It is also critical that you do not jump around while including your research findings in the paper. Each subsequent point should be supported by and build off of the point made previously leading the reader down a straight and narrow path all the way from the thesis of the paper to the conclusion.

It is also crucial that any references that influenced your paper or that you got information from be correctly cited in whatever format the instructor has provided…either MLA or APA. While they are similar, they also do have key differences and need to be thoroughly understood to be used correctly.

Remember that your dissertation will only be as good as your research and findings. The research and findings are actually the most important part of the paper, because without the research and what you found then your thesis is just an unproven theory. Your research and findings are necessary to show that your theory has weight and is of consequence. Your findings will tell the committee reviewing your dissertation whether you actually put forth effort in the process of your dissertation and will show that you are dedicated to reaching your goals through hard work and plenty of research. Whether your findings are relevant to the paper or not is key.

By proper research and the proper inclusion in your paper of what you found, your dissertation will be one of the greatest successes of your educational career.

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