Is it Possible to Write a Doctoral Dissertation in 2 Months?

In short, anything is possible. While writing a PhD Dissertation is definitely a long and drawn out process, it can be done in two months (or less). You have to be dedicated to researching and writing it and discipline and meet deadlines for yourself, but it can be done in the allotted time. All it takes is to decide when to start and when to stop. If you can follow that basic rule, you should be able to finish your doctoral dissertation within two months.

  • Don’t panic. Convince yourself that you can do this. Plan a routine that you will follow.
  • When are you going to start? Set a date on the calendar.
  • Research and outline first, followed by writing. If you jump head strong into writing, you’ll encounter immediate problems. You won’t know where to go and unless you have a sudden stroke of genius, the result will most likely be a sloppy, unprofessional mess. You don’t want that to happen.
  • Start easy. There’s no need to rush into things expecting to plough through fifteen hundred words a day. Start easy by setting little, realistic deadlines, for example “finish researching and outlining such and so topic by the end of today.” As the days progress, you can gradually increase the amount that’s due per deadline. If you keep it up and discipline yourself to follow each deadline, you’ll find you can write at a nice pace.
  • Take breaks. A five or ten minute break every half hour does more good than harm. Get away from your laptop to relax your brain, eyes and hands. Take walks, eat some of yoru favorite foods.
  • Don’t miss out on the small things. Spend time with friends and family, eat nutritious foods, and sleep well. Going to bed earlier at night and waking up earlier in the morning will keep you best rested and your mind fresh, perfect for a good day of researching and writing.
  • Edit as you write. This means to let your friends and family take a look at what you’ve written so far is clear and concise. They’ll give you tons of good advice from which you can spend an hour each day fixing what needs to be fixed. Even if you read over what you’ve written on your own, other people will pick up on things that you didn’t see.

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