Hints on Formulating a suitable Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation writing is a complicated task. Students have to write a dissertation in their bachelors and masters level degrees. The students of graduation often find it a difficult task. They have no prior experience or exposure to this kind of work. This lack of exposure exerts some pressure on them and they think it is an impossible task to do. Although lies in its opposite form dissertation writing is a technical task and one has to put a sincere effort in its accomplishment. Dissertation writing is basically a process of writing in which you have to follow a methodology and set principles. The process of dissertation writing starts with a proposal or synopsis. First of all you have to make a research proposal in which you provide a structure or design of your research work. Dissertation proposal is a kind of summary of all steps which you are going to follow sequentially in your research paper.

Once you have done with your dissertation proposal efficiently then it becomes very easy for you to start writing your complete research paper.

Students get confused about the writing of a dissertation proposal. This article will provide a few basic tips which you need to track on during your research proposal design.

Following are the key points for a dissertation proposal:

  • Introduction:
  • Introduction in proposal covers the general idea of your main topic.

  • Research Question:
  • You have to make and write two or more than two research questions about your topic. Research question is the basic thin that you are going to answer in your research paper. Research question should be clear and logical.

  • Significance of Knowledge:
  • Here you can mention all the implication of the study that you are going to make in your dissertation.

  • Objectives:
  • In this part, you have to mention the purpose and objectives of your research work in form of bullets.

  • Literature review:
  • Under this heading you have to right about the previous studies and researches that has been done on the similar topic as yours or which are related to your topic.

  • Methodology:
  • You have to state the approach you are going to use. The data which you are going to collect, how are you going to select your sample? Which analytic technique you are going to use?

  • Results
  • References

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