Thesis Writing Hints: Choosing Something Interesting

When choosing a thesis area, self examination is important. The area should stem from the interests and energies of the writer. They should be defied from the specific areas of interest to the writer. For them to arrive on an interesting and meaningful area there should be adequate self-examination.

The student should

  • Choose an area in which they have personal interest and preference. Choosing an area like this means they bring some knowledge to the table. Choosing an area they have interest in means that they will be motivated to research various aspects of the area and deliver a quality essay.
  • Choose an area with which they are familiar; this will help them when researching. Many students tend to choose from areas that are close to one of the units they study in class. The student should therefore be careful and make sure they stand out from the class when choosing.
  • They should guide their efforts towards self-examination and look to the past during the duration of the course. The area should relate to the areas they have written about in term papers, the units they have taken and how they have performed in them. This will help the writer identify trends in their work and work towards expounding on them.

After finding the area of interest, the student might have problems identifying a specific topic in the area.

  • The writer will do well to formulate their topic as a question to be answered in the paper. They should, however, not ask a question that is too broad as that will result in a shallow research process.
  • The question should be specific and have a focus. They should not formulate a question that is so narrow that it restricts the research efforts of the writer.

Other factors that the writer should consider when choosing the area of focus and the specific question are as follows.

They should choose a topic that is viable. While choosing one that they are interested in helps them write a quality thesis, they should also consider the audience they are writing for. The topic should be interesting enough that people will want to listen and pay attention to their ideas. The writer can look at past theses in the field of study they have chosen to look at the ones that have been most successful. The topic is the first step in writing the thesis and can make or break it. The writer should therefore strike the right balance between being careful and creative when choosing a topic.

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