How To Find Well-Written Examples Of A Dissertation

It has taken years to arrive at your present moment in life. You have dedicated your studies to a particular area of research. You have spent the hours necessary to complete all the requisite programs and courses. You have taken the tests to show you have a grasp on the subject matter. You have interacted with other professionals, teachers, scientists, and members of the academic community. Your family has supported your endeavors. Your life has revolved around reaching the point when you are ready to be accepted as a member of your profession. The only remaining step is to complete your dissertation. It is hard to narrow down your topic for your dissertation. Your field of study may encompass a wide range of interesting and fascinating subjects all of which are issues which can be dealt with in a comprehensive dissertation. As part of your process you need to find some examples of well written dissertations to provide you with guidance.

Your advisor

One of the first places to go is your academic advisor. He will be someone with expertise in your field. He can provide you with guidance on your topic, as well as examples of previous dissertations on subjects in your course of study. Your advisor should be approachable, reliable, trustworthy and honest, a companion on your journey to your dissertation. He will provide some quality papers which he has seen before, which will give you a start on making a selection fro your topic.

Fellow students

Another area to consider is fellow students, especially those who have completed your program of study. They will have done a dissertation, and will be able to provide you with examples of their writing, as well as examples of writing they relied on when they were participating in the program.


In the library you will find journals, magazines, and other sources of information on your topic. Contained within those periodicals and books will be similar dissertations on topics you are considering as you finalize a decision about your dissertation. As you read other works, you may see questions or holes in their reasoning and logic which will lead to a new area of study, a new path which can be the basis for your dissertation.

The internet

It may seem to be a last resort, but there is a wealth of information available online. You can research many different topics and get quality samples of dissertations written in your field of study. This will also help you to focus your concentration on a topic, as your ideas may have already been contained in someone else’s dissertation.

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