Who Can Assist You With Writing Your Dissertation

When you are writing your dissertation you might find that the conclusion is giving you trouble. After all the time and effort you put in to finishing your project it can be very frustrating to be so close to the end and yet seem so far. Thankfully there are tips below that can help assist you with writing your dissertation and specifically with writing the conclusion for your dissertation project no matter the topic.

  1. Conclusions are more than just a summary. They are not just the sum total of points that you have made. They are not just a chance to restate your thesis either. They offer the opportunity to give that information and more information using new language. It should be a way to summarize your thoughts with a message that your readers can take with them into the future.
  2. Conclusions usually require more thought and consideration than people often believes. Critical thinking is very important. Reflect upon the overall significant that the writing you have done had on the bigger picture of the topic and try and convey your thoughts on the subject to the broader picture of implications in the academic field. This is where you can broaden your focus and stop being narrowly focused like in the rest of the paper. Final sentences should be thought provoking or something critical about which the reader can think and consider. Maybe a question would be appropriate or a quick summary of your most important takeaway message.
  3. Standard essays should usually only have one paragraph for a conclusion as long as that one paragraph has been well developed. Other cases, particularly for research papers or things like dissertations, conclusions could be multiple paragraphs or even multiple pages. The conclusion should be as long as it needs to be to recap the information provided. Its length should usually be on par with that of the introduction.

Writing your dissertation with some professional assistance can be very useful. You can emphasize the point that you are trying to make through a narrative story that you tell. Examples or quotations from the introduction can also be repeated in the conclusion in order to give extra insight into the body of the paper. If you are writing a science research paper you can include further avenues for research. This is something that is somewhat standard in the field.

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