How Does A Good Nursing Dissertation Sample Look Like?

Writing a dissertation will require that you utilize the skills acquired throughout your nursing course. However, many students will experience challenges when it comes to writing the dissertation. Due to this reason, it is advisable to check out some nursing paper samples in order to understand the elements of a good paper. The big question therefore is how does a good nursing paper sample look like? Here are the main elements of a good dissertation.


A good nursing paper sample should have a clear title that briefly informs you about the content and intent of the study. The title should also contain essential words.


The dissertation abstract should briefly describe the entire paper. It should be concise, specific and self-contained. It should inform you about the study, the problem statement and rationale for the study, the methodology, results and conclusions. It is a summary of the study.


A good nursing paper sample should have an introduction that explains why the study was undertaken. The introduction should also outline the key issue/s or the problem and explain why it is worth investigating. It should also describe the purpose and nature of the study and indicate what the study seeks to achieve.

Problem Statement, Aims, Objectives, Significance and Limitations

A good nursing paper sample should have a clear statement that describes the main problem in the study. It should also clearly state the intentions or aspirations, as well as the goals on the way to meet the aims. Additionally, the dissertation sample should explain the significance of the study and the limitations of the research.


A good nursing paper sample should have a clear description of the methods employed in the research. These include an explanation of the literature sources used, the data collection methods employed and the type of data analysis conducted.

Literature Review

This section of the dissertation should contain the existing and established theories and research on the topic of research. It should also demonstrate where there are perceived gaps in the existing knowledge, competing perspectives, and a critical analysis of key issues.


The results section of a good nursing paper sample should contain several elements. It should have an introduction, a summary of the methodology, a description of the population, and the samples and participants. It should clearly explain and discuss the findings of the study.

Interpretations and Recommendations

This is the last section of the dissertation. This section should contain a discussion and summary of the results, a discussion on the implications for nursing practice, and recommendations. Additionally, this section should demonstrate the relationship of the study results to theory. It should also discuss the limitations encountered while conducting the study. This section ends with a summary of the study and conclusions.

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