Dissertation writing tips that can help you on any stage of your writing process 

When you set out to write the dissertation you should remember these tips:

  1. Write; don’t revise. When you are sitting down to write make sure you do just that. Just keep writing. Avoid stopping or going back and trying to make correction. You will have plenty of time to go back and make all the corrections in the world. Perfection will serve only as your worst enemy in this instance. Remember to move forward with your writing and revise later. During the early stages of your work it is best to avoid succumbing to the desire to stop and correct.
  2. Write your work in layers. The first layer should consist of the crude and rudimentary ideas. The second layer should serve to fill in any gaps. The third layer should include your citations.
  3. Begin with the things you know. Your first draft should come from the heart. It should be a bit on the effortless side because you are writing the things you already know. Pretend that someone you know wants to read about what you know. Your job is to write them a story all about the things you know. If you don’t feel like writing but want to get the things out then try recording yourself speaking the “story” to your friend. You can play it back to yourself later and transcribe the first draft from there.
  4. Write at least a single page each day. Try and write more if you can and don’t worry about the order in which you write these things. But write at least one page per day to keep your mind focused on the work.
  5. Allow yourself multiple rough drafts. Start quickly and get out as rough a draft as there has ever been. Do not worry yourself with any errors. Just write. Remember that your revisions are the time and place for you to change any mistakes or add to any gaping holes.
  6. Create an outline and stick to it. The outline offers your mind a flow for the argument. It is where you get out the root ideas and then branch out any of your supporting ideas.
  7. Try and write your ideas at the rudimentary level as though you are making a powerpoint presentation. Keep it light and simple to get the ideas out and then convert those shorter slides into more coherent prose.

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