Where to Get Dissertation Questions Examples

Writing your dissertation is just one part of the challenge. Before you even consider starting your research you need to develop a draft thesis and have a couple of questions in mind that you would like your dissertation to answer. Feeling overwhelmed with all they know about a subject, many graduate students struggle coming up with questions they feel are worth committing the next several months in answering. Luckily, there are plenty of places for students to turn to where they can get dissertation question examples to help stir their imagination and get their creative juices flowing.

Dissertation Databases

There are several pay-for and non-pay dissertation databases which collect completed dissertations directly from institutions and graduate students so that they can be shared for research across thousands of people working on the same subject or topic. These databases are a great way for researchers to ensure they aren’t wasting time and duplicating work as well as to get some great ideas about how they could further the work in their field.

Dissertation Question Topic Lists

Many academic writing sites and homework sites compile huge lists of dissertation questions, ideas, published titles, and more. While these may not go too in-depth in any one topic and can seem more like essay prompts than questions you can base an entire dissertation on, they are very helpful in getting you to come with your own ideas by combining and revising questions so they fit your specific topic and taking them a step further.

Asking Your Advisor for Guidance

Your advisor expects you to do independent work through thorough research and critical thinking, but they want you to succeed and not get stuck right from the start. Your advisor will have experience helping out other students that have also been stuck coming up with dissertation questions. In addition to getting a few dissertation question suggestions right from the person who will working with you for the following year, you’ll also learn a few tips and tricks to help you get started in your research.

Graduate School Online Forums

At every academic level you’re encouraged to talk to your peers and colleagues about anything you may think you need help in or can help with in regards to your education. Now the internet lets you achieve this with a greater group of people across the world. Online forums are great places to meet and receive advice from students already familiar with writing a dissertation and others who are writing their dissertations the same time you are.

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