How to structure a Scientific PhD Thesis

Structuring a scientific PhD thesis includes incorporating information detailed in your guidelines. Following instructions and guidelines should provide a good idea of what you should include in your thesis and how to present it. Because they can vary from school to another you should follow them closely. Thesis content of this nature follows similar structure with certain sections required to be included. Once you understand what your topic needs it can be helpful in structuring your content correctly. The following points can help you get started.

  • Think about elements your thesis must mention or include helping you with planning your project structure. These elements may be related to your understanding of the subject matter, how important your work is as far as relevance and analysis that has been completed prior to your project completion.
  • Know the layout expected for your content. This means pay close attention to your guidelines and instructions. For instance, many PhD thesis projects will feature a number of chapters (often odd in numbers ranging from 5 to 9).
  • What chapters or sections are you required to include? You should also review the order they are expected to appear. Most thesis projects have an introduction, background, related work, analysis, summary/conclusion, bibliography and appendix.
  • Make sentences and paragraphs considerable in length. Your sentences should be short and concise and paragraph structure should include roughly 5 or 6 sentences to make them easy to read. This can also help you break up your findings into content you can write easily.
  • Consider the use of chapter headings and subheadings when necessary. It helps make information easy to find and reference, especially for your reading audience.
  • Think about your overall presentation and how things should be in logic order. This is important to your structure and it shows you thought about your subject matter thoroughly. Aspects such as the problem, solution and methods need to be cohesive and precise when considering validation of contributions you claim to offer.
  • Get clarity on what your thesis should be to help you stay away from common misconceptions and mistakes. It is more than just a bunch of papers or a lengthy project you complete on your own. Because you get others involved in your work and you work to offer a potentially useful scientific method, you don’t want to underestimate the purpose of the project.

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