Paying For Help With Writing A Graduate Dissertation

There are two kinds of help with writing your graduate dissertation. There’s free help and there’s paid help. At first most students might think they want to go with the free help because of the price. But exactly what quality of help are they getting for free? Here are some ways to compare the kind of help you can get with writing your dissertation:

Using free writing help for your graduate dissertation


  • Free help doesn’t cost anything.
  • It’s usually offered by someone who knows you and will lend their support.


  • They may not be available at times convenient to you.
  • Their writing and proofing skills might be sub-standard.
  • They may not do a thorough job.
  • They may not have the necessary experience.
  • They could make fatal errors in your written work.

Using paid help for writing your graduate dissertation


  • They are available around the clock.
  • Their writing and editing skills are top notch and supreme.
  • They do a thorough job.
  • They have perfect experience applicable to your dissertation.
  • They are guaranteed to be error-free in their writing.
  • Your finished dissertation will be of fantastic quality.
  • They will stringently meet tight schedules and deadlines.
  • They cost less than you may think.
  • They have customer service around the clock to serve you.
  • Over 70% of students already use writing services, so you are not alone.


  • It will be difficult for you to find any cons once you have tried a professional writing service for help with your graduate dissertation.

Some students may think that it’s shameful to pay for help with writing their dissertation. But this thinking is ancient and obsolete. There are so many students paying for help with their dissertations these days that it has become the norm. The brains of the dissertation still belong to the student. It’s not a cop-out like most people think to get help.

All famous people get help writing their speeches. Not everyone is an expert writer, so it makes sense to get the help of an expert writer when there is an important writing job to be done. Just like people don’t all fix their own cars; they get from an expert. People don’t fix their own teeth. They get help from an expert.

Paying for help to write a graduate dissertation should no longer be attached to guilt or loss of pride; it should be attached to the great feeling of knowing the dissertation is finished and is top quality. That’s what really counts.

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