10 unexplored dissertation topics in marketing

The main reason why companies market their products is to show their consumers the main benefits that they can gain from purchasing their products. It is designed to help sell a product or service to consumers. Almost every company engages in marketing in one way or the other. You may be expected to write a dissertation to acquire your Master’s degree in Marketing.

Since your dissertation is one of the most important papers that you will write in your years in school, it is important to take it seriously. Being able to successfully write your dissertation, may be what gets your degree or what holds you back. Even though it is an important paper, don’t let it get you too flustered before you start. One of the main things to worry about which is the title may end up being easier to decide upon than you think.

One way to get ahead of the rest is to choose a topic in marketing that is not so common. A common topic poses a few problems. One is that other individuals may be taking out the same resources as you are when you are doing your research. Another is that your paper can be unfairly judged by another students work on the same topic. A third being that if your thesis is the same as the three people ahead of you, you may have a bored audience before you even start presenting it. So a good way to ensure that you have a unique topic is to find one that is unexplored.

What are some unexplored dissertation topics?

  • What factors should a company explore before they take their business abroad?
  • What are the differences between marketing in a developed market versus marketing in a developing market?
  • How should a company organize and manage its international activities?
  • How can companies build stronger relationships with their business customers?
  • How do market leaders keep their share of the market while continually working towards getting a larger market share?
  • What marketing strategies should be used during the different product cycles?
  • During market recessions, how should marketers change their marketing strategies?
  • What are some major trends that are used by market intermediaries?
  • What are the some guidelines to follow when building a brand?
  • How can a company exploit publicity and public relations to build their brand?

These are some great topics to get you started. They are not the most popular topics, so you should be the only student in your class with these topics.

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